Просмотр шрифта Margot Small Capitals

Margot Small Capitals Regular

Margot Small Capitals Regular

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Необычные, Разные
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160.14 килобайт
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Ошибка. Вы не подтвердили, что Вы не робот.
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Название шрифтаMargot Small Capitals
ИдентификаторMargot Small Capitals:Version 2.00
СемействоMargot Small Capitals
Версия шрифтаVersion 2.00 February 18, 2013
Полное названиеMargotSmallCapitals
КопирайтThis font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from High-Logic.com
Торговая маркаPlease refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.
Компания-производительLauren Thompson
ДизайнерLauren Thompson
Адрес сайта дизайнераhttp://www.nymfont.com
Адрес сайта поставщикаhttp://www.dafont.com/lauren-thompson.d1997
Описание лицензииFree for personal use. A donation is required for commercial uses and web-embedding. I accept donations through PayPal, you can donate to directly to email address: [email protected]. A PayPal account is not required, donations can be placed without a PayPal account using any major credit card. Donations can be made with a credit card using the "donate" button on this page of my website http://www.nymfont.com/2009/06/fonts.html Please read the .txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email [email protected] to receive one.
Адрес сайта с лицензиейhttp://www.nymfont.com/2009/07/terms-of-useend-user-license-agreement.html